Our Story

Amor started in the Dominican Republic, where the CEO, Elijah Johnson, was on a nonfaith-based mission trip to help Haitian refugees. During his time in the Dominican Republic, he helped build a house for four families on a sugar cane plantation. While working on the sugar cane plantation, he found himself making numerous friendships with the kids that lived on the plantation. With the predominant language being Spanish, the language barrier did not stop them from laughing, playing, and encouraging one another as they built the house. Elijah found out what true Love was on a sugar cane plantation in the Dominican Republic. He said, “Love is not the feeling you feel when you find someone you like. Rather it is an action that causes you to sacrifice your wants for someone else.” Once Elijah returned, he called the project “amor” as a tribute to the kids on the plantation who taught him what real Love looked like. Therefore, we strive to use our brand to spread Love through action. Today we are sure to do anything to spread love from giving clothes and food to the homeless, to paying for a random persons meal. Love others as you love yourself.